Partition X

You will be the piano, I will be the Partition. We are going to build our chords. A symbiosis of vibrant chords. Sometimes Allegro, Andante or Largo, pauses of respect and sighs... Gently caress the keys... Let yourself be carried away by this perfect symphony and let's travel together to INSTANT X, a world of exaltation and the unknown. Because a secret and the unknown do not reveal themselves, they discover themselves.
The melody of our Partition will evolve according to the desired duration, intensity and height of the massage. Like a Partition, the melody of our date will evolve according to the desired duration, intensity and pitch of the massage. It can be both passive, mutual, very classic and traditional tantra or more modern and dynamic by offering a combination of tantric techniques with or without ceremonials, classic massage techniques, exotic, erotic and madness (sensual B2B) with a lingam / prostate (for the greediest) ... To transport you to absolute physical and psychological well-being, a re-harmonization of the body, emotions and mind. My fingers will be the "LA" of a beautiful composition. This comes in two main categories: The Solo Partition (White Tantra) and the Duo Partition (Red Tantra). I let you define the tempo.
The Solo Partition: This is the massage for passive lovers who like to take the time and be pampered. This sensory trip whether tantric, classic, sensual, soft, strong ... Will immerse you in the ecstasy of the senses which will end with a lingam and why not prostate massage ... The path to the 7th masculine heaven. The massage is carried out on a mattress or table according to the wishes and the equipment of the apartment.


  • Fine Lingerie Version : 60min 200 CHF / 90min 300 CHF/ 120min 350 / 180min 500 CHF (Unilateral passive massage). 👉 For special requests, I let you the honor of going to the store.


  • Or The Naked Version : 60min 250 CHF / 90min 350 CHF/ 120min 450 CHF / 180min 650 CHF (Unilateral passive massage).


  • Prostate massage option : + 50 CHF.
The Duo Partition: In turn, each of the partners will surrender to the gentle and delicate hands of the other. Each will feel the vibration of the other, a harmony and symbiosis will give birth. It is an intuitive massage and +, the session evolves according to the desires and rhythm of each one while respecting the limits of the other. To the seductive, greedy and gourmet man, I let you imagine, feel and write the rest... It will be the sacred and secret meeting of the bodies which will be discovered through enterprising and passionate hands which will transport you to the paradise of sensuality. The X ECSTASY that makes our eyes and our hearts shine.
  • 60min 400 CHF / 90min 550 CHF / 120min 700 CHF / 180min 1000 CHF (Massage + Fusion of Bodies + Prostate).
🔞 PARTITION X, because you never know in advance how the game will evolve 🔞 Safe Game 🔞 No proposition "no taboo" 🔞

👉 Whether you play the solo or duo Partition, the finale will be worthy of a great symphony ... 😁

👉 Actu + Glossary of different massages on Telegram