50 shades of gray

Let yourself be transported by your imagination and unique sensations of the unknown during a blindfolded massage. The diabolical magic of this massage will be to visually discover my body at the end of the session. After your shower, I'll blindfold you and start my game …. The game of 50 shades. Exacerbated senses, you will fantasize, imagine, feel ... Without ever controlling anything. You will totally abandon yourself to the creativity of my passionate hands until you discover my delicious shapes...
  • Included in the price of the massages
Prostate massage
The path to 7th heaven. Prostate massage stimulates the prostate.
The idea is to stimulate the famous P-point which corresponds to the G-point in women.The goal is to provoke sexual arousal until orgasm.The sensations are very strong, the orgasm more intense. I usually practice this massage during the lingam massage. Your pleasure will be increased tenfold.
  • Price of the Massage + 50 CHF (Included in the "Duo Partition").
Candle massage

The candles are specially dedicated for a body massage based on vegetable wax and relaxing scented essential oils. The particularity of a hot massage is to have relaxing and calming properties. You will feel through this candle massage, a real feeling of well-being and soothing of the senses. The scented side of these candles brings the sensual and bewitching touch of this massage.
  • Massage price + 100 CHF
Nuru massage
Is an erotic massage of Japanese origin based on seaweed, practiced with the naked body of the masseuse and the person being massaged. It consists of sliding the body of the masseuse over the body of the masseuse. The characteristic of this massage is the use of a gel of high viscosity and lubrication, which covers the body of both partners, making them very slippery. Which gives the Nuru massage a very special character...highly erotic... The end is to be written... Due to its very greasy particularity, this oil requires the use of a special bed protection.
  • Massage naked price + 100 CHF
The tantric ritual shower
Much more than a simple shower for two, the tantric ritual shower is an act of purification of the body, of intimacy with one's partner, a gentle and sensual abandonment to the other without artifice. Water is both a very powerful, soothing and erotic element. Water is a real aphrodisiac and well-being stimulator of the senses. This moment of shared tenderness is part of the sacred rituals of tantrism, it is the extension of the massage. The water ritual is an act of respect towards the massed. The tantric ritual shower will last about 15 minutes together (excluding massage time), you will first start to take your "cleansing" shower alone, then I will come and join you to pursue this moment of sensuality.
  • Mutual massage price + 100 CHF
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